My name is Elfie Prissette, I’m a french osteopath DO member of ROE (Registro de Osteopatía de España).
I graduated from the Institut Dauphine d’Ostéopathie in Paris in 2011.
I worked in a multidisciplinary office in Paris and Buenos Aires (Argentina) and since the beginning of the year 2018 I practice here in Barcelona.
Specializing in pediatric osteopathy, I work with babies and children, but also with pregnant women, athletes, adults and the elderly.

What is Osteopathy ?

Specifically, osteopathy is a manual therapy using several types of techniques to restore or maintain the mobility of body structures.

But above all it is an art because it is based on fundamental principles of caring for the patient as a whole.

The physical, emotional and environmental factors affecting each patient will be taken into account because each element that makes up the human being is interrelated.

The osteopath will, by their specific touch, re-harmonize the different parts of the body to give them full function.

When these circumstances are in harmony, the body can regain health.

Osteopath doing cranial sacral exercise on woman.

Osteopathy is based on these principles:

The interrelation between structure and function: both are united to allow movement.

The function is only allowed if the structure is healthy and conversely the structure is designed to make this precise function possible.

Homeostasis: the body is endowed with the natural force of self-healing. It has the ability to maintain its operating balance despite external constraints. If the interrelation between structure and function is adjusted, then the body has the capacity to find itself on the homeostatic path of health.

The globality of the body: the holistic approach of osteopathy, unlike traditional allopathic medicine that tends to fragment the human body, makes it possible to better perceive the interconnections of the body and appreciate its functions.

The body is a unity; if a function deviates from the normal, it will have repercussions on its overall balance.

These three principles are an integral part of the osteopathic philosophy and will therefore help us to better tackle pain or a disorder, allowing us to connect what the patient presents as a coherent whole for the body.


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