Specializing in children, I completed my post-graduate training for the treatment of infants and children at Eric Simon and Dany Heintz-Blondy in France.

The moment of birth is often the baby’s first experienced trauma.

A delivery that is too long or too short can cause either too much or too little pressure on the baby’s skull and may subsequently disrupt the functioning of the cranial structures.

A difficult birth may require the use of spatulas, forceps or a suction cup in order to deliver the baby.

This will affect the proper healthy mobility of the skull bone joints and result in immediate and subsequent functional disability.

Often, newborns are born with the head slightly inclined, one eye more closed than the other, one ear more forward than the other, or the nose a little flattened.

In some instances it is possible to see a correction to these anomalies on their own without treatment, but in all cases the head balance is broken and there is a dysfunction that requires the care of an osteopath.

In which cases is it advisable to consult an osteopath?

– when there has been an epidural anesthesia, an intentionally induced or delayed birth,

– when the delivery is too long (more than 8 hours) or very fast (less than 2 hours),

– when the presentation was made by the head, forehead or face,

– when there has been compression on the belly of the mother to facilitate expulsion,

– when the baby is born with the cord wrapped around the neck,

– when the child is born prematurely,

– when there has been use of obstetric tools,

– in the case of cesarean section,

– when there has been fetal distress or intensive care.

After consulting your pediatrician first, do not hesitate to consult an osteopath if:

– your baby is crying all the time,

– sleeps little and/or poorly,

– Regurgitates or has colic,

– the baby has a poor position of the feet or hips,

– the baby has a plagiocephaly (flat head),

– the baby always turns the head to the same side or sleeps on the same side,

– has otitis, or recurring bronchitis

Gentle tests on the different physiological mobilities of the skull, the sacrum, and the abdomen will easily help to detect minor dysfunctions, caused as a result of these ailments .

With a manual corrective treatment adapted and very gentle, your baby will regain good health.

Even if the baby does not have an apparent functional disorder, the hands of a caring osteopathic expert will allow your baby to begin life well.

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