Myotensives techniques

What are myotensive techniques?

The myotensive techniques, or also called muscular energy, are direct techniques of contractions or muscular relaxation aimed at restoring joint’s mobility at the base constrained by these muscular tensions.
It will make it possible to gain joint and tissue amplitude.

Principle of treatment:

Following a direct trauma, a false movement, or an adaptation of different tensions, there may be a musculoskeletal imbalance among others.
Muscles spasm leads to loss of mobility.
It will be necessary to release these muscular tensions.
To do this, the osteopath will precisely target the muscle or muscles group to work.
He will ask the patient to put muscle under tension against resistance so the movement is not possible, we will call this an isometric contraction.
Then the contraction is stopped and the osteopath waits a short time (3 seconds) for the muscle or muscles group to relax or reflexively lengthen, it gently increases the range of mobility of the joint to a balance and then repeat the techniques until finding a satisfactory range of mobility.
In order to regain joint balance, the osteopath can ask the patient to contract a muscle or a group of muscles by putting little resistance and asking the patient at each step to increase the force of contraction. This will increase the force of muscle.

These techniques are gentle and respectful of the patient's pain.


For who is the kind of techniques?

This technique allows the osteopath to work on the musculoskeletal part, it is a way to achieve a tissue balance, and it is suitable for any type of patient, children to the elderly.

Elfie Prissette
Elfie Prissette

Osteopath graduated from the Institut Dauphine d'ostéopathie

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Myotensives techniques

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