Functional techniques

What are functional techniques?

Functional techniques are techniques of direct or indirect type (use of external help), mobilization of tissues to allow correction of the osteopathic lesion.

Principle of treatment:

The principle will be to accentuate the lesion, to go in the direction of the osteopathic lesion, without going too far.
The osteopath then induces a movement following the path of the osteopathic dysfunction and at a moment the body will react at the level of the blockage by an increase of the proprioceptive messages and by a muscular contraction. This will stimulate his faculties of self-healing.
This allows the relaxation of the periarticular tissues and thus a disappearance of the lesion itself.

This type of technique will allow to bypass the reactions but not to jostle them. It removes the tensions.

There is a known metaphor that helps to better understand these techniques:
Someone walks and takes a sleeve in a nail, he has three solutions:

  1. He can pull to free himself and perhaps tear the shirt :is the structural technique;
  2. He can interrupt his movement and return slightly to remove his shirt from the nail without tearing it: it is the direct functional technique;
  1. He can interrupt the movement, go back slightly and with the other hand, take the tissue and delicately remove it from the nail: this is the indirect functional technique.
For whom is the treatment?

This technique will work on dysfunctions of all types and for all types of tissue.
It is a gentle technique that respects the pain of the patient.
It is suitable for all types of patients, from babies to seniors.

Elfie Prissette
Elfie Prissette

Osteopath graduated from the Institut Dauphine d'ostéopathie

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Functional techniques

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