Osteopathy & sports

Visiting a Osteopath is recommended when practising a sport, when & why should you do it?
You can visit as prevention, when there is a particular pain or when preparing for a competition.
Sports practice is particularly demanding on the joints, the muscles and the skeleton.
A regular visit 1 to 2 times a year will help to lift muscle tension and remove joint restrictions.
The preventive side is important because it is at this time that the body is released.
Rebalancing the body at this time will avoid bad compensations and therefore excessive injuries and muscle tension thereafter.
Curatively, many injuries related to a fall or direct shock that can, depending on the intensity and location, create blockages or imbalances in the body. Osteopathic sessions following a physical trauma or a major effort will help to rebalance the body, even when the trauma is old. It can also be done as part of a reeducation.
After the session, rest for a few days after the session to allow the treatment to settle well and have maximum efficiency.
Subsequently, this will improve muscle power, flexibility, breathing capacity.
The athlete will have more fluid gestures, a better recovery and a better perception of his body.

In summary, you can consult an osteopath for:

  • Prepare a specific event
  • Pain that disrupts training and performance
  • Joint or muscle pain
Elfie Prissette
Elfie Prissette

Osteópata Graduate at Institut Dauphine d’Osteopathie

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How do we work?

I practice a rather gentle osteopathy, having a global approach and using techniques that vary according to each individual patient’s needs and reasons for consultation.

Here is the typical course of a session of osteopathy

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