Pregnancy and osteopathy


From the beginning of pregnancy to the birth, the body of the pregnant woman will have to adapt constantly to let the embryo then the fetus develop comfortably.


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It's an accompaniment to traditional obstetric care, it will allow the future mother to feel better during her pregnancy and to approach it in a more peaceful way.
Osteopathy relieves the functional disorders encountered during the different moments of pregnancy through gentle and minimally invasive techniques (functional techniques, myotensive techniques, craniosacral axis, ...).
Osteopathy will help maintain a good balance of body and help to adapt to changes that the body may encounter.

In summary, you can consult an osteopath for :

  • Back pain
  • Basin
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Pain due to the position of the baby
  • Prepare the body for childbirth

To find out more, here is a more detailed article on accompanying pregnancy throughout osteopathy.

Elfie Prissette
Elfie Prissette

Osteopath Graduate at Institut Dauphine d’Osteopathie

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How do we work?

I practice a rather gentle osteopathy, having a global approach and using techniques that vary according to each individual patient’s needs and reasons for consultation.

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