Child and osteopathy

Help your child to be calmer, to fall asleep more easily, to grow well and aligned, to take care of traumas and enjoy better health!


Growth, learning to walk, falls, crashes, sometimes the stress of school, ...

All of these events in a child's life can influence the child's development.

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Child and osteopathy

Osteopathic monitoring can help, thanks to gentle techniques, to improve body learning disorders (4 legs, walking, ...), to improve the child's static and range of movements.

Osteopathy also helps to correct tensions, blockages or imbalances that can lead to concentration problems, fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, ...

Gentle techniques adapted to the age and morphology of each child improve all these disorders. Collaboration with other health professionals is sometimes necessary for the general care of children.

It is important to do a regular check:

- At the beginning of school and before starting a sport.

- Promote a harmonious development and prevent possible imbalances.

when consult an osteopath?
  • control and balance growth headache,

  • backache

  • ENT disorders, concentration disorders, mood swings

  • digestive disorders

  • jaw misalignment

  • helping an orthodontic work

  • Hyperactivity or sleep problems

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Elfie Prissette

Osteopath Graduate at Institut Dauphine d’Osteopathie

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