Babies and osteopathy - why consult?

Help your baby to be calmer, to relax more easily and to be less restless, to take charge of traumas and enjoy better health!


The time of birth is often the baby's first trauma.

Too long or too short labor will put too much or not enough pressure on the baby's skull and can subsequently disrupt the functioning of the cranial structures.

Sometimes it can be a difficult delivery and the use of spatulas, forceps or a suction cup will be necessary.

This can affect the good mobility of the joints of the bones of the skull and lead to immediate and subsequent functional disability.

Often, newborns are born with their heads slightly tilted, one eye closed more than the other, one ear more forward than the other, and the nose a little flattened.

It is possible to see a correction made on its own but in all cases the cranial balance is upset and there is a dysfunction which requires seeing an osteopath.

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Babies and osteopathy

Gentle tests on the various physiological mobility of the skull, sacrum and abdomen will easily detect minor dysfunctions, the cause of all these ailments.

With an adapted and very gentle manual corrective treatment, your baby will regain his good health. Even if the baby does not present any apparent functional disorder, expert hands in osteopathic care will allow him to start life well.

Babies - You can consult an osteopath to ...

• colic,

• torticoli,

• plagiocephaly,

• incessant crying ...

• sleeping troubles,…

Elfie Prissette
Elfie Prissette

Osteopath Graduate at Institut Dauphine d’Osteopathie

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How do we work?

I practice rather gentle osteopathy, having a global approach and using techniques that vary according to each individual patient’s needs and reasons for consultation.

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Técnicas viscerales, manos de ostéopata tocan el abdomen de un paciente
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Babies and osteopathy – why consult?

Babies and osteopathy – roeosteopathy